Doctor Miller's ancestors originally emigrated from Ireland in the 1600's, 1700's and 1800's and Germany in the 1700"s and settled in Pennsylvania and then Ohio.

Most came over, well before the Irish potato famine which was between 1845-1852.

Some of the highlights:
  • Hugh Boggs emigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania sometime in the mid 1600's
  • Lazarus Lowry emigrated from Northern Ireland around 1728 and came to Philadelphia
  • Conrad Hartzell arrived in Philadelphia on the snow Enterprize on December 6, 1738. This three masted sailing ship sailed from London with Lynell Wood as Master and 120 passengers from the Palatinate area of Germany.
  • Robert McConaughy left Ireland and came to Chester, Pennsylvania in 1733
  • Martin Lazarus arrived in Philadelphia from Germany on November 30,1750
  • Robert McCandless came from Ireland to Pennsylvania in the late 1770
  • James Craig emigrates from County Down, Ireland in the late 1700's first to Pennsylvania then moving to Ohio
  • In the 1790's John Sawhill left Ireland with his wife and three children (Alexander, William and Isabella) and settle in Lancaster County, PA.
  • Joseph Harding arrived from England in the early 1800's.
  • Patrick Scanlon III was born in Sligo, City, County Sligo, Ireland on February 23, 1838 and was on of six children of Patrick Scanlon II and Unknown Fisher. He came to American in 1855 and entered through New York when he was 17.
  • Patrick O'Leary in 1853 they left Ireland and settled in Pittsburgh.
  • Frank Karper came from Bavaria to New York in 1854