• Christina Hartzell Lazarus

  • Hartzell Cemetery, Deerfield Twp, Portage Co, OH
Christina Hartzell  (1774-1854)
On February 28, 1764 George married Christina Naulin (b Feb 14, 1747) and they  had seven sons and two daughters including Christina (born 24 Nov 1774 Allen Twp, Bucks, Pennsylvania in Allen Twp, Bucks, Pennsylvania and died 19 Apr 1853 at the age of 78 in  Deerfield Twp., Portage Co., Ohio).  Her grave site is the Hartzell Cemetery om Deerfiled Twp in Portage County Ohio.
While still in Northampton County, Christina Hartzell married Frederick Lazarus in 1795. She had nine children  with son George the sixth. In 1806 George sold his farm of 221 acres in PA and in 1807 moved the family to Deerfield Twp, Mahoning Country, Ohio, and Frederick Lazarus and Christina move with them to Ohio. It's two years later on February 12, 1809 that George Lazarus is born.

Christine Hartzell Family