Tom Miller wrote a long piece on Robert McCandless (go here 1.8Mgb)

Robert McCandless Family Bible

ROBERT MCCANDLESS, born abt 1745 in  Ulster, N. Ireland; died 27 Apr 1813 in  Middlesex Twp, Butler Co, PA He married abt 1765 unknown; abt 1800 in CONNOQUENESSING, BUTLER, PA SARAH MCCANDLESS (Mrs);  abt 1765 unknown.
Children of ROBERT MCCANDLESS were as follows:
 i ELIZABETH6 MCCANDLESS, born abt 1770 in , ANTRIM, CUMBERLAND, PA; died 16 Jul 1853 in MIDDLESEX, BUTLER, PA.
   ii JEAN MCCANDLESS, born abt 1773 in , Antrim Twp, CUMBERLAND, PA.
   iii MARY MCCANDLESS, born abt 1775 in , Antrim Twp, CUMBERLAND, PA.
   iv BAKEL MCCANDLESS, born abt 1778 in , Antrim Twp, CUMBERLAND, PA.
   vi SARAH MCCANDLESS, born abt 1782 in , Antrim Twp, CUMBERLAND.
   (32) vii ROBERT MCCANDLESS, born abt 1786 in , ANTRIM, FRANKLIN, PA; died 13 Jun 1861 in , PENN, BUTLER, PA.
   viii JAMES MCCANDLESS, born abt 1790 in HUNTINGTON, WESTMORELAND, PA; died 1 Jan 1862 in PENN, BUTLER, PA.


immigration records, militia records, 1790 census, 1800 census

Children of ROBERT MCCANDLESS and SARAH MCCANDLESS (Mrs) were as follows:

Tom Miller has possession of the  family bible Robert bought in July of 1802 several months before  marrying
his second wife, Sarah McConaughy, on April 5, 1803. The bible bears several inscriptions, two I believe to be
in Robert's own hand. One records his purchase of the bible. The other records his marriage to  Sarah.

Sarah and Robert had a daughter, Martha McCandless who later married Samuel Miller.

The bible contains many inscriptions related to the Samuel and Martha  Miller family. In addition, it records
in two places,  the date of Robert McCandless' death as April 24, 1813.

The bible also records the death of Mary McCandless, who I believe was his third daughter from his first
marriage, on March 7, 1800. Clearly, this inscription was added after the bible's purchase in 1802.

McCandless Family Bible Inscriptions

Inscription located at the end of Revelations (p. 913)

This Book was Purchased By Robert McCandless Bought July 1802

Inscription located on the following page titled Family Record

Robert McCandless deceased April 24th 1813

Inscriptions located between the Old Testament and the New Testament on pages titled Family Record

Page 1 Family Record

Robert McCandless and Sarah MConaughy Maried (sic) April 5 1803
Samuel Miller and Martha McCandless were married Jan 14th 1830
Levi A Miller and Alma Lazarus were married Jan 6 1859
David M Miller and Marian Nines (?) were married Aug 28th 1862
Robert Miller and Sophronia Aspey (?) were married Jan 1st 1863
Samuel Miller was born May 30th 1802

Samuel Miller Departed this life Jan 10th 1878 aged 75 years and 7 ms.
Martha Miller wife of Samuel Miller departed this life March 9th 1880 aged 75 years and 8 months

Page 2


Martha McCandless Born July 12 1804
Levi Alexander Miller Was Born october the 24th 1830
David M. Miller Was Born May The 24th 1832
Sarah Jane Miller Was Born April The 25th 1834
Isabella Matilda Miller Was Born March The 14th 1836
Joseph H. Miller Was Born March The 11th 1838
Robert Miller Was Born November The 12th 1840
John Miller was Born June The 12th 1843


Martha McCandless Miller Died March 9th 1880
Robert McCandless Departed This Life April 24th 1813
Sarah McCandless departed this Life August the 8th 1849 Age 84 ys
Sarah Jane Miller departed this lif August 8th 1851 Age 17 ys 4 mo.
Joseph H. Miller died November 21st 1861, Age 23 ys. 8 mo.
John Miller died April 28th 1862, Age 19 ys. 5 mo
Robert Miller died March 10th 1863 Age 22 ys 4 mo
Isabella Matilda Miller died November 7th 1867 aged 31 ys. 7 mo

Page 3


Mary MCandless Deceased March 7 one thousand Eght hunderd

From the history of  MIddlesex Township, Butler County, PA.
Though the permanent settlements of this township do not date back quite so far as those of Adams and Worth townships, its explorers and settlers may justly claim pioneer honors. James Harbison, James Hall, Abraham Fryer and William Hultz camped here on the night of January 10, 1793, engraved their names on some forest trees next day and returned to their homes. Early in 1794 they revisited that camping place, selected lands, and built cabins. In 1795 the quartette came to permanently occupy the cabins of 1794. They found, however, that Thomas Martin, who came from Ireland prior to the Revolution, and who had taken an active part in the great struggle for liberty, had won from them the honors of being the pioneer; for they learned that he made some improvements in 1793, then fled to the block-house near the mouth of the Allegheny, but had resumed improving his clearing in 1795.

The first school in this township was taught in 1796 by William Powell, then over sixty of age, in a log-house erected on the farm of Thomas Denny. The building was an extremely crude affair. The logs were unhewn, the floor constructed of rough pieces of timber, and the openings were plastered with mud. Mr. Powell is said to have been a rather quaint and eccentric man, very dignified before his pupils, and making much mystery of the learning he possessed. Nevertheless many pleasant memories were retained of him by those who acquired the first rudiments of an English education under his instruction. In 1893 this township supported seven schools, the pupils numbering 133 males and 135 females. The total receipts for school purposes, including a state appropriation of $1,181.61, was $4,178.81.

The Middlesex Presbyterian Church dates its beginning to the fall of 1800, when Rev. Abraham Boyd, a Presbyterian minister, came into this township and for two years preached in the open air. Within a few months after his coming the church was organized, the first elders being Robert MCCANDLESS, Hugh Gilliland and William Johnson. On June 17, 1802, Mr. Boyd was installed as pastor and continued to serve the congregation until 1817. In 1803 a log cabin was erected, north of Glade run, and used as a house of worship until 1817, when it was replaced by a hewn-log building.