Mary Ann Harding O'Leary   1849-1929
Joseph Harding was born in Lancaster England in 1810, the son of wealthy parents in the business of horse breeding. He ran away from home and went to America in 1840 where he met and married Bridget  (Genevieve) Boyd.  

Bridget Genevieve Boyd Harding was  born in Ireland in 1822, see picture here). She arrived in New York in 1845, She died in Pennsylvania in 1900 at the age of 78. 

They had eight children including Mary Harding, born in 1849. (picture of her as a young woman here.)

Mary Harding was born on Oct 4, 1849 in Pittsburg, PA  and she died on March 13,1929 in Wilkinsburg at the age of 79

She married Patrick O'Leary in 1870 and between 1871 and 1894 they had eleven children including Mary (Maude) O'Leary.
After 12 day illness, Mary died on March 13, 1929 in Wilkensburg. She was buried with her husband in Saint Mary's Cemetary, Pittsburgh, PA.