Ann (Millie) (Edwards) Boggs was born around 1705 in Lancaster, PA. She was the daughter of  William Boggs (born ~ 1685 in Lancaster, PA) His father was James Boggs (1667-1774) and his wife was Elizabeth Hutchinson. James father was Hugh Boggs (b ~ 1635 in Londonderry, Ireland)

She first married Thomas Edwards in 1725 and later married Lazarus Lowry in 1730.

from Lazarus Lowry:

Marriage:....Lazarus was married, in Ireland, in about 1713.  The name of his wife is Elizabeth, and she was called Etta.  Some of the family histories I have seen give her the last name of Campbell, but I have seen no solid documentation on this.  It is solidly established that Etta died after 1725 and prior to 1731.   She may have died in Ireland, along with her youngest son David, or on the voyage to America, or, as some undocumented accounts suggest, in one of the many raids on the Donegal settlements which would eventually culminate in the French and Indian War.  This last is quite possible, as these raids took a fearful toll in the area that Lazarus called home.  Because Lazarus’ youngest son by Etta, Alexander, would have been only six or seven years old at the time of Etta’s death, it is unlikely that he would have waited any great length of time before the grim necessities of frontier life would have made re-marriage needful.  In 1730 Lazarus married the widow of Captain Thomas Edwards, a friend killed in one of the Indian raids.  Ann Millie Boggs Edwards gave five children to Lazarus.  The first she named Lazarus, both in his honor and in remembrance of little Lazarus, who died with his mother Elizabeth.  The second of these children was named Thomas, after her own departed first husband.  Ann remained at Lazarus’ side until his death, in Philadelphia, in 1755.  In the will of Lazarus Lowry, he referred to Ann as “my dear friend”.  I can think of no higher praise which could be given a wife and lover