Daniel O'Leary   1829 - 1899

Patrick O'Leary 1850-1904    see 1880 census here and 1900 census here


Daniel O'Leary was born in the County of Cork, Ireland in 1829. In 1846 at the age of 17 he married Catherine Walsh Sullivan who at 32 was 15 years his senior and had three children from a previous marriage.

While traveling in Wales, their first son, Patrick is born on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 1850. Two years later they had their second and last child, son Bill who became sick at sea and perished on the voyage to America. In 1853 they left Ireland and settled in Pittsburgh where he died in 1899.



At age 20  in 1870 Patrick  married Mary Ann Harding. Daniel and Catherine lived together with Patrick and Mary Ann until their deaths (Catherine died in 1887 at age 75 and Daniel in 1899 at age 70.) They lived on a farm near Wilkensburg, PA and had eleven children (3 sons and 8 daughters.) At age 50 he became ill with Bright's disease and they moved into the city of Wilkensburg. He died at the age of 53.