In the 1790's John Sawhill (born ~1747) left Ireland with his wife and three children (Alexander, William and Isabella) and settle in Lancaster County, PA.
Isabella (born in 1782) at the age of nineteen marries Alexander Miller on August 10,1801 and on May 30, 1802 their son Samuel Miller is born. Alexander dies the following year (1803). Isabella remarries (David McConaughy, the brother of Sarah McConaughy the wife of Robert McCandless.) The war of 1812 ended in 1815 and the land further West are opening up. The Pike (National Road, now US 40) is extended into and across Ohio opening up these new areas at bargain land prices, and the family migrates to Deerfield, Ohio on September 29, 1817. Samuel would later marry his step-father David's niece Martha McCandless.

Isabella Sawhill Miller McConaughy died on January 15, 1855 and was buried in Hartzell Cemetery, North Benton, Ohio