Prostate Seed Implant Results
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Results with seed implants are worse for patients with a higher Gleason Score (see here.) For low risk patients (stage T1c or T2a, Gleason 6 and PSA < 10, if the patient gets a good seed implant (optimal means the D90 dose = prescription dose) then the PSA cure rates at 8 years may be 94% (see here.) More studies show the importance of getting the proper dose to the cancer (see here, here, and here). The lower the PSA declines the better chance of cure (go here),

The published outcome results at 13 years and 15 years



Typical comparison studies include a local study of 1,305 T1/T2 patients treated with seeds (869) or radical prostatectomy (208) Curr Urol Rep 2002 Jun;3(3):250-7
Cure rates at 7 Years
Initial PSA level Seeds Radical Prostatectomy
0 - 4 90% 97%
4 - 10 76% 65%
10 - 20 64% 66%

Prostate seed implants alone work well for low risk patients but not so for higher risk patients (based on PSA or Gleason)