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Oscar Daniel Miller (12/13/1875 - 2/13/1952)

Oscar Miller was born in 1875, the same year as the birth of
Albert Schweitzer, Alsatian physician, philosopher, and musician, Maurice Ravel, French composer and the year of the death of Georges Bizet, French composer.

The 9th child and youngest son grew up on the Miller farm and attended Mt. Union College and taught school. He had one of the first cars in Alliance, Ohio (one cylinder 1900 Cadillac.) He worked as a carpenter and was almost forty when he met Mary 'Maude' O'Leary from Wilkinsburg, PA and they married on July 28, 1915.

He purchased some acres from the family farm to build their home and they were one of the first around with indoor plumbing using a windmill for power. In 1930 he got the power company to run power lines to their farm and were  one of the first in the area to have electricity. Their first child died at birth and then they had three sons (James, Donald and Walter)  all by cesarean section.  His son Don wrote a remembrance of life on the Miller farm (go here) and the story of how he retrieved a photo of the family on the farm in 1937 (here). More from Don about his parents here.

In addition to operating a dairy farm he did carpentry work and built houses. He was well read and proud of his collection of McGuffey readers. He enjoyed political discussions and being the devil's advocate to get a good debate going. When his sons went off to the war he sold off the livestock and did carpentry work during the war years and retired when the war ended. He was buried at the St. Joseph's cemetery in Alliance (see marker).

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