Donald Lawrence Miller

Born June 8, 1919 in Alliance, Ohio, he grew up on the family farm and attended Uniontown school. He wrote a touching remembrance of life on the Miller farm (go here) and the story of how he retrieved a 1937 photo of the family on the farm (here).

He attended Miami University in 1940 and graduated magna cum laude in 1947. College was interrupted from 1942 to 1946 where he served in the U.S. Army and rose in rank from Private to Captain.

After college he worked as director of marketing and advertising for a local radio station then went to work for Burke Marketing Research a company with a half-dozen employees. He bought the company and expanded it's business internationally to become the fifth largest marketing research company in the world. In 1980 he sold the company and retired to Florida.


click to see larger Oscar family picturepicture of three boys, another picture of the boys, as a young father, with brother Jim, farm pictures: a, b, c