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James Daniel Miller

Born August 15, 1917 in Pittsburg, PA  the same year as the Russian Revolution and the entrance of the US into World War I and the same year as the birth of John F. Kennedy.

 James grew up on a dairy farm and attended the one-room school house "Uniontown" where both his father Oscar and Grandfather Levi had taught years before. He remembers milking cows in the morning and he arrived on his first day of school by horse and buggy. He was named Oscar but his father never liked the name and he went by James (see 1920 census here where he is listed as Oscar Jr. and see 1930 census here where he is listed as James). He graduated from Sebring High School (see HS class photo from 1935 here) with classmate Rosemary Woods (later famous as President Richard Nixon's secretary.) His brother Don wrote a touching remembrance of life on the Miller farm (go here) and the story of how he retrieved a photo of the family on the farm in 1937 (here).

During the depression he attended college at both Kent State and Ohio Sate as well as working on the farm then working for Ohio Bell. He joined the army on February 11, 1941 ten months before Pearl Harbor and spent two years in the South Pacific with the 37th Division. He then attended Officers Candidate School and went overseas as Signal Officer with the 191st Signal Repair Company on the Ledo Road in China-Burma-India.

He was married to Rosemary Scanlon on October 5, 1946. After the war he returned to Ohio Bell and retired in 1978 and moved to Florida. He was remembered for his intellect and wit but best of all by his children for his unselfish devotion to his family (see picture) and read the remembrance by Tom of his father (here).

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Jim lived to be 91 years old and celebrated his birthday with his family including his great grand daughter Maddy (here and here).

He was married to Rosemary (his beloved 'Sugar Babe' for almost 62 years), and when she preceded him in death on July 25, 2008 he wanted nothing more than to 'be on the next train' to heaven. They were reunited when he passed away on October 7, 2008. Their ashes were buried together with military honors, on a beautiful sunny, Florida day ay Bay Pines National Cemetery on December 5, 2008 (see here, here, here).

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