Cancer Incidence and Survival Statistics

According to the American Cancer Society 45% of men and 38% of women will get cancer (go here). Overall about 41% of Americans will get cancer and 21% die from it (go here) and 2008 data here.

Detailed statistical information is below.

ACS Stats Page, CancerNet (NCI) Statistics, CDC Cancer Statistics, CDC Health Statistics, NAACCR Stats, NCDB Benchmark Tables, NCDB Survival Tables, SEER and here and here (median age here and here survival, life time risk, life time mortality)

 Survival data is noted below but read and understand the disclaimer about medical statistics here, Survival for specific cancers are found in the individual sections here, and there are some very useful online survival calculators.

Survival for patients with advanced cancer include: brain metastases, liver metastases, bone metastases, untreated lung cancer, general advanced cancer.

More survival information for patients with incurable cancers is found in the hospice section herealso see life expectancy tables ,