Samuel Miller

Samuel Miller (1802 - 1878)
John Sawhill left Ireland in the 1790's with three children, including daughter Isabella Sawhill (born in 1782) who would marry Alexander Miller on August 10, 1801.

On May 30, 1802, their only child, Samuel Miller was born in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Other memorable things from 1802 include: Napoleon Bonaparte is confirmed as the First Consul, Beethoven performs his Moonlight Sonata for the first time and Wordsworth publishes the poem Westminster Bridge.

Samuel was only two when his father died. Samuel and his mother moved westward with his uncles arriving in  Washington Count, PA in 1803. His  mother remarried David McConaughy. In 1817 they moved to Deerfield, Ohio on the banks of the Mahoning river. Samuel followed the trade of carpentry.

Samuel Miller left a day book (1822-1825) that still exists and mentions his wages ($6.00 a month) among other things...(bought horse and bridle for $40.00 on Dec 20, 1825.) In 1824 he bought some tracts of government lands, and the government patents for which were signed by John Quincy Adams.
He married Martha McCandless on January 14, 1830 in Deerfield, Ohio and located on a farm 2.5 miles west of North Benton, Ohio. In 1838 he built a large brick house that lasted over a hundred years.  They  had seven children but only Levi Miller, their firstborn left any descendents. Their other children are noted here.
He is buried at the North Benton Cemetery on 12th Street  (see marker.) see 1850 census here, 1860 census here and 1870 here