David McConaughy Miller

Other Children of Samuel Miller

David McConaughy (1832-1894)- (picture #1 and picture #2) graduated from Washington and Jefferson College in 1852 and then graduated from the Western Theological Seminary in 1962. He an ordained Presbyterian minister in Ohio and Pennsylvania. One of his pastorates was at Johnston PA at the time of the famous flood. The flood waters hit the parsonage and floated it away from its footing, but the Reverend David and his wife Marion and daughter Emma rode it out on the roof. Emma never married.

Sara Jane (1834-1851) died at 17 with no descendants

Isabella Matilda (1836-1867) died at age 31 with no children

Joseph H. (1838-1861) died at a Civil War Hospital in Maryland on November 21, 1861 at the age of 23

Robert (1840-1863) died at age of 22.

John (1843-1862) - died in Civil War at the battle of Corinth, Mississippi.