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Most hospitals have data collection programs (e.g. tumor registry or cancer registry department go here) to keep track of the incidence and outcome of all cancer patients treated at their institution. This data should be compared to appropriate benchmark data (e.g. the National Cancer Data Base here and here or the NCI's SEER program) to ensure the quality of the care being given and the integrity of the data collected.

We generally review the top four cases every year along with other selected sites. The some recent studies at St. Anthony's:
all data through 2004 , breast 2004 , colorectal 2004. prostate 2004, 2002 studies: breast, colon and rectal, lung and prostate (2002 and 2003 study.)

Also see the  2006 lung study, 2007 prostate study2007 breast study, 2007 small cell lung study, 2008 mammography study.  Other previous studies are noted: page 1, page 2, page 3, or other hospital pages here. Other information about cancer statistics and tumor registries is noted on the statistics page.

Typical comparison studies between local hospital (St. Anthony's Data from 1987 - 2002  SAH) outcome data compared with the National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) is shown below:

Most common cancers in the St. Anthony's Tumor Registry (Data from 1987 through 2001) compared to most common cancer in the US (2003 data) go here to see comparison graph
sah_prostate_2003.3.gif (19716 bytes)


breast 16.3% 15.9%
lung 15.3% 12.9%
colorectal 14.0% 11.1%
prostate 13.3% 16.6%
bladder 4.3% 4.3%
lymphoma 3.7% 4.6%
oral 2.9% 2.1%
melanoma 2.7% 4.1%
pancreas 2.4% 2.3%
esophagus 2.4% 1.0%
cervix 2.0% 0.9%
endometrium 2.0% 3.0%
kidney 1.7% 2.4%
stomach 1.7% 1.7%
brain 1.5% 1.4%
ovary 1.3% 1.9%
leukemia 1.2% 2.3%