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recommended web sites from doctor miller

The most reliable cancer information site is the NCI's CancerNet  or Cancer Information Service,  I would start there, then look at the NCCN guidelines about proper treatment, and read the NCI booklets.

The next best sites for patients are the NCCN patient site, ASCO site, ASTRO Site, American Cancer Society, OncoLink, CancerConnect, Up to Date, E-medicine, ACS Booklet, CancerBackUp, other cancer guides, and other patient links; for physicians, CancerNetwork , on-line journals, and E-Medicine.

Finally you can do your own literature search through Medline (PubMed) , or Medline-plus and search the NCI Cancer Research Protocol List.

A more complete list of recommended medical web sites is noted on the right and a list of favorite non-medical sites is here.

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A more complete list of the best cancer and medical sites is on the next page.