Patrick Scanlon IV

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Patrick Francis Scanlon IV    see 1900 census here, 1910 census here and 1920 census here and 1930 census here

Patrick was born on July26,1886 in a two story building in Alliance, Ohio that was both the family home and a grocery store. He was the fourth child of Patrick Scanlon III and Mary (Karper) Glasser Scanlon. His father was a widower with five children from an earlier marriage and his mother was a widow with one previous child.

In 1902 he lied about his age and got a job as a machinist apprentice (earning 6  to 9 cents an hour.) He was later active in both his church and local democratic politics. He married Margaret (Kelly) Conkle in 1926 and had three children (Rosemary (1927) Patrick (1929) and Robert (1931.) He worked for year as a machinist and then later was a city supervisor in charge of roads. During the war years when there was a need for machinists he returned to that work. He died on October 2, 1960.

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