Pictures of Vocal Cord Cancer as Seen at Laryngoscopy

glottis_anatomy.jpg (10397 bytes)

glottic_cancer_photo2.jpg (9873 bytes) Shown on the left (above) is the appearance of the normal vocal cords, pictured on the right (above) is a picture of the larynx with a small cancer (T1 squamous cell cancer) of the left vocal cord (yellow arrow.) Similar comparison are noted on the left. Picture below is a patient with vocal cord cancer (white material) on both cords
glottic_cancer_photo.jpg (6408 bytes)

Some cancers appear white like the 2 cancers on the left, but some appear bloody (or hemorrhagic) like on the right and the patient may present with symptoms of coughing up blood.

glottic_cancer_photo3.jpg (5384 bytes)

vocal_cord_cancer_pictures.jpg (17608 bytes)

normal cords on the left, the next 2 pictures are early cancer and the fourth picture on the right more advanced vocal cord cancer (all of these are squamous cell carcinoma)