Obviously it's important to know where in the gland the cancer is found to ensure that the seeds include the posterior, peripheral zone as well as reach down to the apex (as the study below shows) also note that non-palpable lesions (T1c) may have more cancer in the anterior part or transitional zone (also review normal ultrasound anatomy, below) MRI may show the lesion and MRI spectroscopy may be even more sensitive
Detailed Mapping of Prostate Carcinoma Foci Biopsy Strategy Implications

Michael E. Chen, M.D. Cancer 89:1800-9, 2000 Department of Urology, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas.

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color maps reveal where the cancer is

Color Map by Criteria
over length 30 cc volume Gleason 6
stage T1 30 - 50cc volume Gleason 7
stage T2 > 50 cc volume Gleason 8 - 10

Review Basic Prostate Ultrasound Anatomy
lobar anatomy transverse view near base
zonal anatomy transverse view closer to apex