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Predicting whether the cancer will be confined to the gland and within the capsule or has spread further.

This cannot be seen accurately on the CT or even MRI scan. The data below is based on detailed studies of over 3000 prostates removed at surgery at Johns Hopkins (Partin. JAMA 1997;277:1448.)  Note that the odds that the cancer is confined to the gland, decreases as the stage gets more advanced or the PSA higher or Gleason Score higher. look at the data below or go directly to  the Partin calculator

Partin Tables
      Cancer Confined to the Gland
      Cancer Has Penetrated the Capsule
      Cancer Has Spread to the Seminal Vesicles
      Cancer Has Spread to the Lymph Nodes
A similar study (Pisansky , Cancer 2002;95:513) from the Mayo clinic based on 2095 men treated with radical prostatectomy also showed the risk that the cancer has spread outside the gland (to seminal vesicles or nodes) is higher related to the stage, Gleason grade and PSA

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