Sarah McConaughy McCandless
John McConaughy and Martha Lowry marry and have a son David (1775) and daughter Sarah McConaughy (1765.) Sarah grows to womanhood and at the age of 38 marries Robert McCandless on April 5, 1803. They lived in Butler County, PA and on July 12, 1804 they have a daughter Martha McCandless named for her maternal grandmother Martha Lowry McConaughy.
Before Martha reaches the age of nine she is left fatherless with the death of Robert McCandless on April 24, 1813. Since she was now a widow, in about 1817 when Sarah was 47 and Martha was 13, they migrated to the Deerfield area in Ohio, riding on horseback and taking turns leading a cow, to be close to Sarah's brother David McConaughy.