Salomea Kolbenschlag
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Salomea Kolbenschlag was born in Lindenberg, Bavaria on May 15, 1824 to Jacob and Margaretha (Schremer) Kolbenschlag (other spelling for father Jakob Culbison). She was 24 when she married Frank Karper (Franz Koerber) 21, on November 1, 1848 in Lindenberg, Bavaria, Germany. At the time of their wedding Frank worked as day laborer ins a shop that made fancy vests and she worked hard in the garden and tending the family cow. Their first child, Frances (Franzka) was born on January 9, 1850. They came to America arriving in New York on January 11,1855, and daughter Mary was born on 2/6/1856.
Salomea had seven children. On June 28,1899 daughter Mary's husband, Pat Scanlon III died and Mary and son Pat IV moved in with Salomea. Husband, Frank died on September 20,1900. Pension records record that Salomea used two rooms of the house and Mary and family used three rooms, paid no rent but supplied the food and maintained the house. Mary took care of her mother until Salomea died on July 23, 1918 at the age of 94. Pat IV described how his grandmother loved to sit in a rocking chair in the kitchen and watch the children play. Her old country frugality would show though at times. She could not tolerate putting both butter and jam on the same piece of bread, this she called a "double spread" and thought it was wasteful.
Salome with oldest daughter Frances