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Tumor Registry Data - Palms of Pasadena

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Most Common - All Most Common in Men Most Common in Women
breast 15.3%
colorectal 15.1%
prostate 15.1%
lung 14.6%
bladder 6.8%
heme 3.7%
lymph 3.4%
melanoma 3.4%
oral 2.4%
kidney 2.4%
prostate 29.8%
lung 14.9%
colorectal 14.0%
bladder 9.9%
melanoma 4.0%
heme 3.8%
lymph 3.2%
oral 2.9%
kidney 2.7%
stomach 2.3%
breast 30.9%
colorectal 16.3%
lung 14.2%
uterus 3.7%
lymph 3.7%
bladder 3.6%
heme 3.6%
melanoma 2.8%
ovary 2.7%
pancreas 2.3%
2003 Data
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most common compared to national
most common compared to local
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note that 'observed' survival represents the actual number of people alive at a certain interval... since may of these patients are quite elderly and may die of other causes (or old age) it is considered more accurate to adjust the survival for age or other causes of death (this is referred to as 'relative' survival and is the method used by SEER and NCDB as well for comparison purposes

we recently reviewed colorectal cancer. The relative 5 year survival using the TNM stage (I - 92%, II - 83%, III-58%, IV - 10%) and SEER (Local- 93%, Regional - 69% and Distant 12%) was quite good. (see TNM stage comparisons, SEER stage comparisons, TNM survival curves, TNM survival comparisons, SEER survival curves, and SEER survival comparisons.)

we also recently reviewed pancreas cancer (see cases per year, age distribution, stage comparisons, survival by stage and survival comparisons.)
we are reviewing breast cancer (636 cases between 1991-1996) the stage comparisons with national (SEER) and national (NCDB) are shown.