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In 1573 John Powe is born and in 1577 his wife Barbara Keller is born, the same year as the painter Peter Paul Rubens. In 1599 is the first reported performance of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in London and John Pfoh is born in Germany.   In 1613  Galileo observes Neptune and John Mohr is born and in 1615 the second volume of Miguel Cervantes' Don Quixote is published and John Finck is born. In 1625 The Dutch settle Manhattan, founding the town of New Amsterdam, the same year Charles Lowry is born in Scotland.

By the late 1600's (about the time Johann Sebastian Bach (1685) and Handel (1685) are born) some key relatives are born, Robert McConaughy (1691) and Elizabeth Dinsmore (1691) and Lazarus Lowry (1680) all born in Ireland. (In 1687 Newton publishes Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy setting out Newton's three laws of motion.) In 1692 the Salem witch trials are occurring in the colonies and back in England, Parliament declares William and Mary the King and Queen replacing James II in 1690. In Ireland by 1691 Catholics are barred from public positions.

EarlierBy the early 1700's in the US the McConaughy's are involved with the pre-Revolutionary government and Lazarus Lowry and sons are well known Indian traders. (George Washington is born in 1732, and Daniel Boone in 1737.) Conrad Hartzell arrives in 1737 and Martin Lazarus arrives in the US in 1750, both from Germany.

By the late 1700's, Fred Lazarus (1770), Sara McConaughy (1765) and Isabella Sawhill (1782) are on the scene. (Benjamin Franklin discovers electricity in lightning in 1751, and Beethoven is born in 1770.) A number of Miller ancestors fight with the militia (Conrad Hartzell) against England.

By the early 1800's George Lazarus (1809) Martha McCandless (1804) and Samuel  Miller (1802) are on the scene and after the war of 1812 people migrate farther west to Ohio. (Chopin is born in 1810 and Lincoln in 1809.)


By the mid 1800's Levi Miller (1830) and Alma Lazarus (1837) are on the scene, (Mark Twain is born in 1837)  and many are involved in the civil war (one of Levi Miller's brothers and Frank Karper.)  Frank Karper (1827) and Salomea Kolbenschlag (1824)arrive in the US in 1850 from Germany. Daniel O'Leary (1829) and family arrive from Ireland in 1853. Patrick Scanlon III (1838) arrives in the US in 1855 from Ireland. Joseph Hardin arrived from England sometime in the first half of the 1800's. Also the parents of Julia Nelleny arrive sometime in the mid 1800's from London.

In the 1830's coal fields are opened in eastern Pennsylvania and stimulate the iron and railroad industries as well as a variety of machine tool industries. (Thomas Edison is born in 1847 as is Alexander Graham Bell, and Darwin publishes on evolution in 1859).

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By the late 1800's Oscar Miller (1875) , Margaret O'Leary (1880) Patrick Scanlon (1886) Margaret Kelly (1897)and others contend with the lat1800's and early 20th century. (Albert Einstein is born in 1879 and F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1896.)

Early 1900's after WWI  James Miller (1917) and Rosemary Scanlon (1927) cope with the depression and WWII.

In 1946 the last meeting of League of Nations and it transfers its mission to United Nations and disbands itself, the same year Jim and Rosemary Miller marry.

In 1949 U.S. President Harry S. Truman begins his full term, In the first Israeli election, David Ben-Gurion becomes Prime Minister,  George Orwell's book Nineteen Eighty-Four is published, Federal Republic of Germany officially founded with Konrad Adenauer as the first federal chancellor, and finally the birth of the People's Republic of China and Robert Miller.