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Multiple Myeloma / Plasmacytoma           

Images of myeloma in the bone: (note that the goal is to vigorously treat the myeloma so that the bones do not become this brittle.)

#1 Radiographs Showing Multiple, Irregular Lytic Lesions in the Skull (Panel A) and Pelvic Bones (Panel B). Similar lesions were present in the ribs, axial skeleton, and extremities
#2 Large Destructive Lesion in the Right Iliac Bone
#3 Pathologic Fracture of the Right Humerus
#4 Pathologic fracture of the humerus
#5 Diffuse lytic bone lesions in pelvis and femurs

#6 Large destructive lesion in distal left femur on PET and CT: here and here
#7 MRI images of very diffuse disease here and here
#8 Advanced disease in the thoracic spine here and here
#9 Advanced disease in the right hip and pelvis: here, here, and here
#10. Myeloma can make small punched out holes in the bone (called lytic lesions) or form large masses (plasma cell tumors) go here, here and here
#11. Myeloma may destroy so much bone that a fracture results, go here
#12 Punched out skull lesions are classic for myeloma, go here

other images: the blood smear may be a tip off of myeloma (go here) the most common test is the serum protein electrophoresis (SPEP) go here and the immunofix test (here) with the final diagnosis a bone marrow biopsy (here)