Margaret Kelly
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Margaret Mary (Kelly) Conkle Scanlon
Margaret Mary Kelly was born to Thomas R. and Julia Agnes (Nelleny) Kelly on September 30, 1897 in Pittsburgh. She and her brother Joseph who was 2 years younger than her lost their father on December 17,1899 when he was killed in a railroad accident.

In 1901 her mother Julia married Harry Baker and the family moved to Alliance, Ohio, and by 1910 they were living at 845 N. Walnut Ave. There house was a two story frame building that was once a tavern/inn called the "American House." In earlier years (it was built in 1838) it had been a stage coach stop on the wagon train route from Pittsburg to Cleveland.

 She completed the eight grade in school in 1911 and when she was old enough to work became a telephone switchboard operator at the Morgan Engineering Company in Alliance.

On June 12, 1918 she married Earl Conkle. They had two children but both died shortly after birth. He died in 1923 during a typhoid fever epidemic. On September 20, 1926 at the age of 29 she married Patrick Scanlon who was 40 at the time. They had three children, Rosemary (1927) Patrick (1929) and Robert (1931.)

After her husband Patrick died in 1960 and she lived with her daughter Rosemary until her death on May 16, 1979 at the age of 82.

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