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key structures on CT in the mediastinum:

  CT image A, CT image B, CT image C, CT image D, CT image E

CT of normal mediastinum. Five 1-cm thick sections have been selected to show the important anatomical features (A–E). The level of each section is illustrated in the diagram. A.Ao = ascending aorta, AV = azygos vein, D.Ao = descending aorta, IA = innominate artery, LCA = left carotid artery, LIV = left innominate vein, LPA = left pulmonary artery, LSA = left subclavian artery, MPA = main pulmonary artery, Oes = oesophagus, RIV = right innominate vein, RPA = right pulmonary artery, SVC = superior vena cava, T = trachea, RA = right atrium, LA = left atrium, RVO = right ventricular outflow tract.