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Stage and Survival for Colon and Rectal Cancer


according to the ACS the 5 year survival for colon-rectal cancer is 61% (90% if local, 65% if regional and 8% if metastatic)

In this most recent edition of the staging system, more sub-stages stratify the survival benefit more distinctly than the previous edition. Using data collected from 1991 through 2000, 119,363 patients with colon cancer were included for analysis. Tumors were stratified by the extent of the disease and the number of positive lymph nodes. Comparisons were then made of overall survival and 5-year survival for each stage.

Results found that overall 5-year survival was 65%. The 6th edition of the AJCC staging system found that 5-year, stage-specific survival is 93% for stage I colon cancer, 84% for stage IIa, 72% for stage IIb, 83% for stage IIIa, 64% for stage IIIb, 44% for stage IIIc and 8% for stage IV.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 2004; 96: 1420-1425.


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