Julia (Nelleny) Kelly Baker
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Julia Carroll was born in London in March 1850 (her parents were from Ireland). She married Dennis Nelleny in 1871 and they lived in Allegheny, Pennsylvania (see 1990 census below).

Julia Agnes Nelleny was born on February 13, 1873 to Dennis and Julia (Carroll) Nelleny in Pittsburgh, She was one of six children, both of her parents were born in London and her grandparent in Ireland.

At the age of 23, Julia married Thomas R. Kelly (26) on July 21, 1896. They had two children (Margaret 1897 and Joseph 1899.) Thomas was killed in a railroad accident on December 17, 1900.
Julia at age 28, married Harry E. Baker on July 22, 1901 and had six more children She moved in with her daughter Margaret Scanlon late in life and died on October 21, 1943.