Regimental History
(Three Years)

Sixty-fifth Infantry. - Col., Charles G. Harker; Lieut.-Cols., Daniel French, Alexander Cassil, Horatio N. Whitbeck,  Orlow Smith; Majs., James Olds, Samuel C. Brown. This regiment  was organized in the state at large, from Oct. 3 to Dec. 14,  1861, to serve for three years. On the expiration of its term  of service the original members (except veterans) were mustered  out and the organization, composed of veterans and recruits, was retained in service until Nov. 30, 1865, when it was mus- tered out in accordance with orders from the war department.
The following is a list of battles, in which this regiment bore an honorable part, as given in the Official Army Register: Shiloh, siege of Corinth, Stone's river, Chickamauga, Chattanooga,  Missionary ridge, Rocky Face ridge, Resaca, Adairsville, New Hope Church, Kennesaw mountain, Big Shanty, Peachtree creek,  siege of Atlanta, Jonesboro, Spring Hill, Franklin and Nashville. It was not very actively engaged at Shiloh, and lost  but 2 men wounded, but during the siege of Corinth it was under  fire almost hourly. In the engagement at Stone's river it lost  2 officers killed and 8 wounded (one mortally), 38 men killed, 106 wounded, 19 missing and 3 deserted in the face of the enemy. The regiment was under fire throughout the entire engage-ment. In the engagement at Chickamauga it lost 3 officers killed and 5 wounded, 13 men killed, 60 wounded and 24 missing; in the battle of Missionary ridge it had 1 killed and 14 wounded; at Resaca it lost 2 killed and 26 wounded, in a skirmish  near Kennesaw mountain, 2 men wounded; in a charge on Kennesawit lost 3 killed and 7 wounded; at Peachtree creek it lost 4  men wounded and 1 missing; at Atlanta, July 22, 1 killed and 1  wounded; in the battle of Spring Hill it lost 5 killed, 22  wounded and 14 missing; and at Franklin, 1 killed, 22 wounded  and 21 missing.